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This new contest will last for one week starting from today 15:00, London time (GMT+0) till the next Monday, 15:00, London time.

All contributions made within this time frame are counted as participating in the contest. Next Tuesday we will randomly choose 10 lucky transactions among the participants’ entries. People who made these transactions will receive additional 100% FSBT token renumeration for them, making it a 2x bonus!

Same as last time, we will make a video showing the whole raffle process and will upload it to Youtube.

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The rapid development of technology has had a major impact on the financial services industry and has introduced a new round of development. The emergence of new technological opportunities has involved expanding the demands of individual consumers and institutions in ensuring the provision of certain financial services and their regulatory provisions.

The global race will modernize various aspects of the life of the souk to be challenging, adept at challenging and overcoming the challenges we face with the overflow of consumer desires. The best challenging sector will now be in all exclusive behavior by way of looming results and high safety safety. In the global financial sector competition to soar yields in a boom plus effectively in an efficient way many technologies will be used for development.
This racing technology blows colossally like the stars in the sky on financial services.

Because this is becoming more in demand among consumers of the financial sector. Everyone wants the best results from their products that they get. Around the world, individual and institutional consumer demands are becoming more challenging for the entire financial sector. The best technology in the financial sector shifts to digital assets and sets them in the decentralized souk. The trend of decentralization is growing in the market. In the market of decentralization PSD2 coming soon in financial institutions.

With this, consumers will access their products and services to trade and transactions in the digital asset market by the API. To create market potential, technological prospects become a competition among the financial sector. One financial institution, forty-seven banks can establish secure transactions between digital finance as well as the financial system.

At a financial institution, Forty Seven Bank is entirely innovative without branches. Forty-seven banks make bridges squeezed between the crypto world and the customary financial system. Forty-Seven Banks with one roof tied the user’s digital asset population with complementary traditionalist people.

At Forty Seven Bank an innovative financial technology can be used. Forty Seven Banks are completely secure, upcoming consumer banking services and excellence and high quality. With this, Forty Seven Bank became an eye catching among users in the financial institutions souk. Forty Seven is lying in API supervision, Blockchain technology, bio-metrics, smart contracts, machine learning, adaptive security plus cloud computing.

Forty Seven Bank is a new platform that provides banking services for individuals and companies. The system will do its work on a generally recognized regulatory framework and support crypto currency.

The platform will offer financial services, such as sales and purchases, investments or exchange opportunities. Forty-seven is a unique project built to create a modern universal bank for both crypto users and followers of the traditional monetary system; banks to be recognized by international financial organizations; a bank that will comply with all regulatory requirements.

Forty-Seven Bank offers its customers a new innovative product called Multi-Asset Account that lets you have access to all bank accounts and crypto purses using a single account.

Remote identification and authorization based on passport and biometric data:

  1. A unique combination of payment tools – SWIFT cards, credit and debit cards, e-wallet, secure crypto payments.
  2. Transactions with the cryptococcus type in the bank application and without waiting for the current exchange. Upload, withdrawal and coupon conversion are available.
  3. Various services include crediting, ensuring, invoice presentation, credit/debit card management etc.
  4. Cross-platform access to manage client accounts is opened in European banks in accordance with  PSD2 orders.
  5. UI is convenient and user-friendly.
  6. An analysis that helps the client make the right financial decisions by using a personal management service created based on the machine learning algorithm.


PSD2 opens up various opportunities for the banking industry, especially for

financial technology that started like Forty Seven Bank. Every bank in the EU will do so should adjust its systems and infrastructure to conform to PSD2. For a classic bank with a long history, it is very complex, time-consuming and expensive.

PSD2’s goal is to improve the digital noise that changes the future of the banking sector. PSD2 invites new market participants to enter a healthy competitive environment to gain market share currently controlled by traditional banks. Today, classical banks have a monopoly on customer transactions and their payment services. PSD2 changed the rules of the game. This allows customers to choose a third-party service provider for all their needs, which ensures security and the most appropriate product due to open market conditions.

There are several advantages of using this technology to customers:

No need to remember passwords If he forgets his credit at home or lost, the user can still withdraw his money in cash at an ATM machine that is by using fingerprints with an identification of his personal data.

If the card-code PIN is lost or stolen, it will automatically detect the user’s ATM scanner for the user’s data match, if there is a data mismatch then the third party will not be allowed to conduct transactions in cash.

Mobile can also be used as a means of transaction in this case if making a payment online.

The customer data is directly connected to the database system and the identification of the private data is included in this process with the above five points, it is certain that the security system implemented by Forty-seven will be a new breakthrough in the world of the next banking system for the security of customer data and the ease of the customer in conducting the transaction and its occupancy customer satisfaction, so that each customer does not appear to be worried in doing financial transactions.

The introduction of biometric identification system conducted by Forty Seven Bank will directly improve the reputation of the technology applied in the banking system, in this case Forty-Seven Bank will be a very professional company in handling various problems, especially supported by the ability of the developers who already have a certification of management perbanlan and have an IT team developers who are experienced in the application and design of system usage system Blochains Technology. On the occasion we can predict a new breakthrough that will be done against the Forty Seven Bank will become a legend in the European Union.

At this stage the developer developers are still experimenting in London, as I quote the information on the website on its official website that they will establish two banking branches in the city of London to certify by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and QSA audits, as far as the information I quoted on its official website in October 2017, the developers are still focused on the data analysis phase of security and security of cyber security and application of startup applications that will be applied to ATM machines as well as fund management through token launch.

In the coming December, the token will be completed, in the next stage of January 2018, the elaboration procedure and the creation of the basic documents for the company. And will continue until 2019 in early June vial developers Suda implement banking services.

Stage in October is an open opportunity for everyone to make an investment to support the success of the project and at the end of the month, the developer will launching investment benefits to investors from the share purchase. It depends on your consideration to take steps at this stage.

Mission Forty Seven Bank

Forty Seven Bank’s mission and management team are to provide safe, innovative and easy-to-use financial services and products to our customers – individuals, businesses, developers, merchants, financial institutions and governments. Forty Seven Bank is a bridge capable of connecting the two financial worlds and building an efficient communication between the two, a communication that will open the possibility of improving the modern financial system as a whole.

Its flagship product is Multi Asset Account for private customers with bound card.

Forty Seven Banks TOKEN

With this FBST token user can be used to rapidly assess service and product transactions in a single paradigm. On the way to take advantage of some of FBST’s token prospects are the most important building blocks by Forty Seven Bank.

The FBST Token is an influential economic substance in tokens in the Forty Seven Bank ecological unit that is entitled to use various desires for their products and services.

The FSBT Token will be available for transactions on various crypto currency exchanges after the completion of the public funding campaign.

Forty-seven Bank products and services were acquired by Etis Dais users.

The value of one token for a user is .0047 ETH.

At the beginning of ICO, crypto in Forty Seven Bank is only accepted in ET as well.

At ICO from Forty Seven Bank both receive ETH and BTC.

The initial date of ICO 1 was held on 3 October in the era of 2017 which was London time at 15:00 GMT. The final forty-seventh pre-ICO date is on November 6th in the 2017 era that London time is 23:59 GMT. Forty Seven Banks in Q ICO first began lying in the 2018 era and also spanned in Q one of the 2018 era. The Top Hard Forty Seven bank devoted to ICO is 360k ETH. Soft close the Forty Seven Bank business for ETTH 18k. Designed for Pre ICO Hardcover from Forty Seven Bank is 90k ETH.

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Forty Seven Bank – Win 2x FSBT tokens
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